Professional Card

Create your professional card by uploading your own logo.

  • Professional Cards are for the individual professional.
  • For Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Small or big size stores etc.
  • QR code feature for the swift exchange of cards.
  • Cards can be created from the app and will get an additional feature of QR code called "Get a Card". It can be done by three easy steps.
    • Step 1: Create professional visiting card with your own logo and get QR code generated.
    • Step 2: Exhibit your QR code and your registered mobile number.
    • Step 3: Ask your customers to simply scan QR code or dial registered mobile number.
  • Customers will be able to "Get a Card" and the card will be stored in card bank for future reference and contact.
  • Above process is hassle free, easy to use and user-friendly. If the customer wishes to exchange his card, that can also be done easily and is optional.


With HS Cards, the company can display its phone number or a unique QR code at the exhibition and audiences who visit the stall can fetch the company’s card by dialling the displayed phone number or scanning the QR code.

  • Feature on demand.
  • Register in 3 steps. Hassle free process.
  • Generate QR code for your stall and event.
  • Validity on QR code.
  • Download all the database from cloud repository.
  • Card sharing optional for the audience.
  • Free app for the audience.

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